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Perspectives on the Downturn: A Survey of Presidents

By Doug Lederman and Scott Jaschik

Three in 10 private college leaders say their tuition discount rates are “dangerously high.” Three quarters of public college presidents believe online learning can help their institutions increase both enrollments and net tuition revenue. And about a third of all college chief executives, public and private, say they would alter their tenure policies and mandate the retirement of older professors if they didn’t have to worry about political blowback on their campuses.

Those are among the many findings of “Presidential Perspectives,” Inside Higher Ed’s first Survey of College and University Presidents, released today in conjunction with the annual meeting of the American Council on Education. A total of 956 campus chief executives, nearly a third of the 2,900 invited to participate, provided their views, with hearty response from across higher education’s sectors and segments (though disproportionately few for-profit college leaders participated).

[The] report of the survey’s results [was] prepared by Kenneth C. Green — founder of the Campus Computing Project and a senior research consultant to Inside Higher Ed …

The survey asked campus leaders an array of questions about how they and their institutions have navigated the current economic downturn, the biggest problems they face and the strategies they have used (effectively and not) in response, and which campus constituents have been most helpful (or not). The answers vary widely among sectors and types of institutions in many key areas.

Continued at (& Read the Report at): http://www.insidehighered.com/news/survey/president2011

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