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Overcoming the ‘Rattle Effect’

By David D. Perlmutter

Undergraduates can be a wonderful source of affirmation as well as exasperation, as much for the novice assistant professor teaching that first course as for the senior scholar offering a final lecture before retirement. The major difference between those two situations is the “rattle effect”: Junior faculty members, already under pressure from the demands of the tenure track, are often inordinately flustered by problems with students.

In recent months, I’ve been writing about how to handle conflicts with your colleagues, your enemies, and your boss. But it’s undergraduates who are the single most likely population to cause a probationary faculty member angst and inspire kvetching.

Luckily, we as faculty members have certain tactics we can adopt to reduce the chance of discord with our young charges. Twenty years of teaching and watching teaching in higher education have convinced me that many dust-ups with undergraduates could have been prevented by a mix of planning and common sense.

Continued at: http://chronicle.com/article/Overcoming-the-Rattle-Effect/126526/

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