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3 Program Page Approaches to Steal

By Kati Davis

Zappos sells shoes. Best Buy sells electronics. Netflix rents movies. Marketing a commodity online is much easier than marketing higher education, right? Wrong. The difference is that there’s a much longer “purchase” cycle in higher education. But over and over again students continually cite a single thing as one of the most important deciding factors: the program.

Sure, college is an experience outside of the classroom, and there are a variety of factors (cost, aid, activities, etc.) that influence a decision. Those shouldn’t be downplayed. But, at the end of it all, they have a degree to show for their hard work and time so you have to offer a program they feel they will enjoy and/or in which they will successful. With students applying to more institutions than ever, it’s essential to make your program stand out.

Whether it’s the faculty in that area, the technology available to students, or other strengths, the program page is the place to make your case.

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