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Tackling Online Faculty Retention and Support

By Mary Bart

Retention is a big challenge for online programs, but it’s not just a matter of student retention. Faculty retention is just as important. Because geography doesn’t dictate where online instructors can work, they can cast a wide net when looking for a job and don’t necessarily need to stay loyal to their current employer.

So what does this mean for distance education administrators? It means you need to make your program stand out, and you can do that by providing the training and support online faculty need to be effective in their positions, to feel connected to the institution, and to grow professionally. In the end, a stable roster of skilled and happy educators will not only save money, but will result in a better learning experience for your students.

Continued at: http://www.facultyfocus.com/articles/distance-learning/tackling-online-faculty-retention-and-support/


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