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The Academic Side of Administrative Work

By George S. McClellan

As administrators in student affairs, we are evaluated primarily on the scope and quality of our efforts in providing programs and services. But three other areas of professional performance may also affect our career progress, and they are going to sound familiar: teaching, scholarship, and service.

We are not faculty members, of course, and so those three areas do not govern our promotions, as they do for professors. But the work you do in each one can play a role in how you advance in student affairs.

Let’s first consider teaching. Some student-affairs divisions center their programs and services on student learning. In such divisions, any teaching experience you have in a traditional classroom will obviously be valued highly. However, when it comes time to weigh your eligibility for hiring or promotion in student affairs, you may find that not all teaching experience is seen by your peers as equal.

Continued at: http://chronicle.com/article/The-Academic-Side-of/126730/

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