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Education as a Data-Driven Enterprise

By Laura Sanford

We all agree our nation’s future success depends on the ability of our students to compete and achieve in the global economy. For the United States to remain a world leader, we must ensure that our students graduate from high school prepared for the future challenges of continuing education and the workplace. But, frankly, we will not succeed in transporting every child to that destination if we don’t invest in better data to guide our education policies and practices.

No one is watching this move toward using data to improve student achievement more closely than America’s business community. We know firsthand that no organization—for profit, nonprofit, governmental—can reach its goals without data to inform its decisions at every point. Our future hinges on the ability of our schools to produce the talent and leadership that our companies will require in the next generation. Business leaders see the value of data in our own worlds and know how promising it can be when data is put to use to make real and positive change. Data brings to light our successes and failures. We can’t afford to not use this information—in the corporate world and the education sector.

Continued at: http://www.edweek.org/ew/articles/2011/03/18/26sanford.h30.html?tkn=NTXFXTU7OguPLfU6ED77THZpFsEIXMl%2FMoA9&cmp=clp-edweek

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