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The Rules of Writing Group

By Claire P. Curtis

It is midweek and I am staring at the draft of a journal article. I just came home from a faculty senate meeting, and we have two job candidates visiting our department this week. I recently returned from a conference, and the semester is at that point where panic is setting in all around. So I have plenty of legitimate and necessary tasks facing me. But instead of handling them, or relaxing in front of the news with a beer and a late meal, I am returning to a draft I have not looked at in seven weeks.

And why? Because it is my turn in writing group. Because I will not violate the rule that we worked out years ago: No matter what, if it is your week in writing group, then you circulate something. Anything.

Continued at: http://chronicle.com/article/The-Rules-of-Writing-Group/126880/

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