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What Do Students Miss with a Virtual Education?

By Christopher Dawson

Do students miss something when they use virtual education to merely acquire skills? Is the element of morality and critical thought stripped from their education? Sometimes, yes. But sometimes acquiring skills is the best they can do. Other times, the ability to earn a degree online gives them the flexibility to take more classes in their areas of interest and fit in those character-building liberal arts courses. And, more often than not, students accessing virtual learning platforms have lives that are sufficiently full outside of school that they may be missing an archetypal school experience but are hardly missing out.

Online learning experiences can be powerful supplements to in-class experiences, can replace them entirely, can make for totally individualized education, or can be utter disasters for students without the supports or motivation to make them work. Some schools actually bring virtual classroom tools into the classroom to engage students and improve collaboration, embracing the so-called “wall of laptops.” Even at the elementary level, virtual education has allowed bright students to excel, students with anxiety disorders and autism to participate, and struggling students to get more immediate help and feedback than they could in a traditional setting.

Continued at: http://www.zdnet.com/blog/education/what-do-students-miss-with-a-virtual-education/4529

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