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Redesigning Today’s Graduate Classroom

By Leonard Cassuto

No one should deny that graduate education is in a bad way at the moment. But apart from loosing rivers of blood and bile about this online, exactly what are we doing about it?

….I recently spoke to a Ph.D.-carrying lawyer who recalled that when she first decided to apply to law school more than 30 years ago, the director of her graduate program actually refused to write her a recommendation because he disapproved of her decision to leave academe. Although the director’s stubbornness is ridiculous, the story is less laughable than it seems. Lots of professors still view nonacademic professions as a distant second choice for graduate students, and that’s unrealistic as well as unfortunate. If we are to welcome Ph.D.’s to venture outside of academe, we have to prepare them for that possibility inside as well as outside our classrooms. Next month I’ll report on another effort that seeks to do just that.

Continued at: http://chronicle.com/article/Redesigning-Todays-Graduate/126825/

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