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AGB Statement on Board Responsibility for the Oversight of Educational Quality

From The Association of Governing Boards

A governing board is the steward of the institution it serves. As a fundamental part of its stewardship, the board is responsible for assuring the larger community and stakeholders to whom it is accountable that the education offered by the institution is of the highest possible quality. Yet AGB’s 2010 survey on the engagement of boards in educational quality revealed that board members often are not sure how to provide stewardship in this area, and some even doubt that they should.

In Making the Grade: How Boards Can Ensure Academic Quality (AGB, 2006), Peter T. Ewell affirms that the oversight of educational quality “is as much a part of our role as board members as ensuring that the institution has sufficient resources and is spending them wisely.” The educational mission of colleges, universities, and systems makes this a primary obligation for their boards, and the significant fiscal investments made by these institutions, by their students and donors, and by state and federal governments underscore its importance. Governing boards should recognize that assuring educational quality is at the heart of demonstrating institutional success and that they are accountable for that assurance.

The current environment makes this responsibility more pressing. Today’s technological, pedagogical, and economic forces, along with increasing public skepticism about the value and cost of education, make board accountability for quality crucial. And with only 38 percent of America’s adult population now holding a degree from a college or university, it is clear that much more needs to be done if we are to ensure the country’s economic and civic future.

Continued at: http://agb.org/news/2011-04/agb-statement-board-responsiblity-oversight-educational-quality

Read the report: http://agb.org/sites/agb.org/files/u3/AGB_Boards_and_Ed_Quality.pdf

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