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Regional Public Universities – Where the Action Is

By Russ Olwell

When asked what they want to do when they grow up, few little kids answer, “I want to teach at a regional public university.” They want to be astronauts, fighter pilots, spies or generals (OK, those were my choices at that age). In Ph.D. programs, graduate students are encouraged to seek work and accept positions at the kind of research institutions where they do their doctoral work, whether they are wealthy private institutions or top flagship public institutions. The only step off the research track imaginable is the private liberal arts college, where selective admissions and small classes promise an ideal teaching setting.

Since the terms “comprehensive university” or “regional public university” are unfamiliar to many doctoral students, let me start with a description. These institutions are defined by their work with undergraduates and master’s students, and they have few, if any, Ph.D. programs. They are, at best, moderately selective in admissions, accepting a majority of applicants, many of whom are working adults or commuter students. Many of these institutions are former “normal schools,” rooted in a teacher training tradition.

Continued at: http://cgi.stanford.edu/~dept-ctl/cgi-bin/tomprof/postings.php

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