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Higher Education’s Technology Problem

By Daniel Luzer

Technology offers the tempting promise that it can make education more efficient and cheaper. Be careful what you wish for. Despite rapid advances in technology, somehow college just keeps getting more expensive. At what point do families cry stop and refuse to buy anymore?

Maybe somewhat soon, according to a recent piece at TechCrunch. As Jon Bischke and Semil Shah write: “Today… the credentialing provided by universities is becoming decoupled from the knowledge and skills acquired by students. The cost of obtaining learning materials is falling, with OpenCourseWare resources from MIT and iTunes U leading the charge. Classes can be taken online on sites like Udemy and eduFire, either for free or a fraction of the cost to learn similar material at a university, and sites like Veri, which recently launched at TechStars NYC Demo Day, aims to organize and spread one’s accumulated knowledge. […] At least when it comes to materials (i.e. textbooks), start-ups are playing a disruptive role.”

Well that’s interesting, but disruption here is relative. So much talk of technology is about only one part of college: the skills training part.

Continued at: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/daniel-luzer/higher-educations-technol_b_853064.html

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