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eLearning Benefits are Obvious: Why Don’t They Like It?

By Ronald Yu

”Users worldwide can react differently to the same things. Consequently, those responsible for implementing eLearning globally must not presume that observations or assumptions based on experiences in one location apply elsewhere.”

There is no question that rapid innovation, highly dynamic industries, fluid regulatory environments, and other compliance regimes in today’s world have made business more challenging than ever. Subject areas are also evolving in interesting and sometimes unexpected directions. This is true even in law, an area not typically associated with profound, dynamic change.

A few years ago, had you asked a lawyer, “What is intellectual property?” he or she might have mentioned copyrights, patents, and trademarks. Today that same lawyer might include personality rights (also known as image or publicity rights, that is, the right of a person to protect his or her name, voice, image, gestures, mannerisms, or distinctive appearance from non-consensual exploitation), or even privacy and human rights. As an example of this, see the discussion of the U.K. Human Rights Act and a section on privacy in the book by Cornish et al. in the References at the end of this article.

Many of the issues marketing managers worry about today – search engine rankings, (Google) AdWords, marketing through social networks, to name a few of the issues – weren’t relevant (or didn’t even exist) just a couple of years back.

Globalization has further complicated matters, adding new jurisdictional, temporal, cultural, and geographic dimensions. Then there is the “extended enterprise,” where companies, often in dispersed locations, share information, typically over private networks, to streamline operations.

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