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Confessions of a Journal Editor

By Female Science Professor

Journal editors seem to be mysterious creatures, emerging from their editor-lairs on occasion to make an oracular pronouncement of the publishing fate of your manuscript. Since I am an editor of a journal, however, my fellow editors are not quite so mysterious to me, and I have some insights into that side of the publishing process.

Different disciplines have different customs regarding things like publication format, length, frequency, and order of authorship. My field is in the physical sciences, where professors publish anywhere from a few papers a year to many. Those papers range in length from several pages to tens of pages depending on the topic and journal. Papers may be single-author but, owing to the collaborative nature of science, are more commonly multi-author and may involve researchers from one or more institutions, their graduate students, postdocs, other research staff, and undergraduates.

Continued at: http://chronicle.com/article/Confessions-of-a-Journal/127221/

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