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Students Can Get College Credit for Life Experience

By David Glenn

Add one more thing to the list of tasks that colleges can outsource.

This time, it’s assessing “experiential learning”—that is, the skills students have gained in the workplace and other life trials—and determining how many credit hours should be awarded for that learning. Two fledgling organizations are game.

The idea of handing such decisions to outsiders might make some faculty members wince. But the services’ creators say that their networks of portfolio evaluators will establish national norms that will make experiential-learning assessment more clear-cut, rigorous, and credible. And as the concept gains legitimacy, they say, it could help hundreds of thousands of people complete college.

“We’re taking baby steps with our first 50 or 60 students,” says Pamela Tate, president and chief executive of the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning. “As this comes to scale, I hope that it will have an enormous impact.” Ms. Tate’s organization, known as CAEL, is the driving force behind Learning Counts, the larger of the two projects.

Continued at: http://chronicle.com.library.capella.edu/article/Will-Work-for-Credit/127564/

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