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5 Tips To Separate Personal And Professional Life Online

By Amber MacFri

“My life and biz is so intertwined in every way that it’s hard to make that clean separation on and offline.” That’s what Candace Alper (@NameYourTuneCDs) said on Twitter when I asked about the importance of separating your personal and business life on Facebook. As an entrepreneur who runs a made-to-order children’s CD company, she is comfortable mixing business with pleasure online. Monica Roddey (@MicaR) agrees. She says “my online persona = my ‘real life’ persona … what you see is what you get.”

I fall into Alper’s and Roddey’s camp. When I signed up for Facebook years ago, I opened it up to anyone and everyone. Although I now also maintain a fan page, it’s still hard for me to refuse friend invites that make their way into my personal account. However, the majority of the responses I received disagreed with this approach. Matt Hall (@mattwiter) writes that “you simply don’t combine the two to begin with … that is a sure mistake.” For Kathy Dabrowska (@_katdee), she says “you can’t be ON all the time … you need a place where marketing yourself is not needed.”

In theory I agree that separation is a good thing. With more employers lurking on social profiles and more people oversharing online, it just makes sense to keep some things private. However, the reality is that sometimes the tools make it difficult to split up your networks. Here are five tips to help you get closer.

Continued at: http://www.fastcompany.com/1754431/5-tips-to-separate-personal-professional-life-online

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