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Colleges Should Cultivate Leaders Within Their Own Ranks

By Cristina González

Among the greatest strengths of the American higher-education system are its openness to outsiders and its relative lack of nepotism and cronyism. American colleges hire faculty members and administrators from other institutions often and to good effect. But too much of a good thing can be bad: In recent times, many colleges have relied excessively on hiring external candidates to lead their institutions rather than adequately grooming internal candidates for leadership positions.

American colleges lack stable leadership. Not only are most presidents hired from outside, but they stay on the job for increasingly brief periods, and the chief academic officers serving under them have even shorter tenures, as recent studies by the American Council on Education have revealed. Access to academic-leadership positions has become a game of musical chairs, in which the same executives rotate from institution to institution, for shorter and shorter stays, at ever-greater rates of compensation. Some have such brief tenures that they barely accomplish anything at all. Yet they receive large salaries and abundant perks, which have expanded in recent years to create an executive-compensation bubble.

Continued at: http://chronicle.com/article/Colleges-Should-Cultivate/128171/

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