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Timeslicing in the Classroom

By Roger McHaney

The classroom is going through a time of extreme change and transformation. It is interesting to observe the habits of the students during lectures. Many, particularly returning or older students, still take notes with pencil and paper. Others have preprinted PowerPoint slides downloaded from virtual learning environments and are highlighting those in class. Still others are using their laptops or, as in some of my classrooms, the university-owned desktop computers to annotate the slides during the lecture. Then there are the truly digitally inclined students. Several of them type notes directly into their email, instant messenger or Facebook account. One student even told me he was Twittering my lecture on a mobile device so he and his friends could review the notes later. I’ve asked my students who Facebook, Twitter, or IM the lectures about their habits. Some say they send the material to classmates they know. Others say they post the material to websites or social networking walls that have been created for the class. One student uses a virtual flashcard software package to take that day’s lecture material and transform it into a study aid. He makes it available to anyone who wants to see it and says students from other universities using the same textbook have worked with him to create decks of flashcards and other study material of their own initiative.

The tech-savvy millennials have begun to bring their “toys” to the classroom as tools.

Continued at: http://cgi.stanford.edu/~dept-ctl/cgi-bin/tomprof/postings.php

  1. September 29, 2011 at 10:44 pm

    Thanks for the posting! I enjoyed checking out your blog! Best, Prof. McHaney

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