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The Hiring Process for Community College Faculty

From The Faculty of the Future, by Donald W. Green and Kathleen Ciez-Volz, in the book, Hiring the Next Generation of Faculty, Brent D. Cejda and John P. Murray, editors

The process for recruiting and selecting effective community college faculty members remains a relatively neglected area of scholarly inquiry (Twombly and Townsend, 2008). Having surveyed the literature, Flannigan, Jones, and Moore (2004) conclude that little has been written about the hiring of community college faculty over the past fifty years. Similarly, Twombly (2005) remarks that a gap in the research exists about “how and where community colleges recruit faculty or what values and practices influence the hiring process” (p. 426). Conspicuously absent in the literature is information about how community colleges search for and select faculty members. That Flannigan, Jones, and Moore feel both “concerned and intrigued” by the paucity of scholarly books and articles compels other researchers and practitioners to explore the topic further (2004, p. 826). To address this concern, Twombly (2005) conducted a case study in which she investigated the values, policies, and practices that govern the faculty hiring process at various community colleges.

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