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A Multidimensional Challenge for Black Colleges

By John Silvanus Wilson Jr.

Historically black colleges and other institutions can look down and see substantial cracks in the ice under American higher education. Many of the cracks stem from atmospheric pressure. In Washington, budgets have rarely been tighter and politics has rarely been coarser. In higher education, the competition is stiffer, inequality widens, and it has become much more difficult for institutions with fewer resources to graduate students who are effectively prepared to enter and thrive in a technologically advanced, information-based, and increasingly competitive workplace. In private philanthropy, many donors are younger and more inclined toward “create tomorrow” investments, rather than “save the day” gifts.

These challenges seem even more daunting in the context of President Obama’s national goal to have the best-educated, most-competitive work force in the world by 2020. To do their part, HBCU’s will need to produce thousands more graduates than they do today.

How can they effectively position themselves to meet this critical challenge and thrive in the 21st century? Besides looking down, they can use at least four other angles to view and improve their collective fate. With renewal and excellence in mind, these diverse institutions should also look back, around, within, and ahead to gain compelling perspectives for reshaping the future.

Continued at: http://chronicle.com/article/A-Multidimensional-Challenge/129046/

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