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A More Complete Completion Picture

By Doug Lederman

By now the chorus of complaint is well-rehearsed: Institutions that enroll significant numbers of part-time and adult students blast the federal graduation rate for failing to capture the educational outcomes for what, in some cases, can represent a majority of their student bodies. Though often unstated, the underlying suggestion is that a more complete picture would also present a more positive one.

A report to be released today, however, suggests that that may not be the case. The report, from the national group Complete College America, purports to present for the first time data on the educational progress of all postsecondary students (part-time and full-time, those in developmental courses, etc.) in several dozen states, providing a fuller look at how successfully students are moving through public higher education.

The results are not terrifically encouraging. Extrapolating a bit from the 33 states that provided data on their public higher education systems, the report, “Time Is the Enemy,” reveals that the educational outcomes of the students invisible in most such counts of performance lag badly.

Continued at: http://wp.me/p11BlP-Fb

Read the Report: http://www.completecollege.org/state_data/

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