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Time is the Enemy

From Complete College America

More students are working, and they are working more hours than ever before. Many can afford to attend only part-time, extending the years until they graduate. More come to our campuses underprepared for college — and then get trapped in broken remedial approaches that don’t help, as time keeps slipping away. More are overwhelmed by too many choices and too little structure, causing aimless wandering and wasted semesters and years.

All of this adds up to more and more time. As the clock runs and the calendar turns, we all know what happens: Students’ lives fill up with jobs, relationships, marriages, children, and mortgages; the list goes on and on. Not surprisingly, college often gets left behind: a few years of courses, no degree, and a lot of debt.

The result is a yawning skills gap caused by too few trained workers for more high-skill jobs than ever. Incomes shrink. And America falls further behind. But the path forward is clear. And thanks to the leadership of the 33 states that provided the historic data in this report — and to the commitment of the 29 governors who have pledged their states to significant reform as members of the Complete College America Alliance of States — there is great reason for optimism.

Continued at: http://www.completecollege.org/docs/Time_Is_the_Enemy.pdf

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