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New ‘World Class’ Universities: Cutting Through the Hype

By Jamil Salmi and Philip G. Altbach

In today’s global economy, where money and ideas change hands at a dizzying speed, and generating sophisticated innovation and knowledge are the new sources of growth and wealth, it can be tempting for many countries to try to tap into that wealth by establishing elite research universities from scratch. After all, top-tier universities are outpacing the smartest companies in the world with their original research.

A recent global study of patents shows, for example, that universities and research institutions are now driving more scientific strides in biotechnology than are private companies. Add to this the fact that the new world-class universities, whether in Chile, Hong Kong, India, South Korea, and the United States, also serve as hubs for new thinking in the humanities and social sciences.

Continued at: http://chronicle.com/article/New-World-Class/129480/

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