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For Profit Colleges: Do Your Homework, Says Attorney General

From Office of MN Attorney General Lori Swanson

Higher education has long been the way that many Americans have pursued greater economic opportunity and increased earning potential. In recent years, more students have turned to for-profit colleges–whose investors make money when students enroll in the schools–for certificates and degrees, some involving online coursework. Enrollment at for-profit colleges has increased more than 225 percent since 1998.

For-profit college advertisements are everywhere–on the Internet, television and radio, in newspapers, in your mailbox and over the phone. The advertisements–often aimed at students without much money or who are the first in their family to go to college or who don’t have much experience with higher education–may tell about success stories of students who have graduated, how much money a student will make upon graduation, or the ease with which their online programs will fit the student’s lifestyle. Because the investors of for-profit colleges make money when students enroll, their recruiters sometimes relentlessly pursue students who have expressed an interest in receiving more information. In the last few years, the tactics of some for-profit colleges have come under scrutiny. In some cases, such colleges have used deceptive sales practices to entice students to enroll in expensive programs that are available at a state college or university at a fraction of the cost. In other cases, students have paid thousands of dollars to enroll in such programs, only to obtain a worthless degree.

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