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Bringing Them Back: Data Mining is Key to College Completion Efforts

From the ACC Network

An obvious avenue to meeting national, state, and local goals for increasing the number of collegiate completers is finding adults with prior college credits and steering them toward graduation.  Their path is much shorter than for a new student.  The trick is finding them.

With an increasingly mobile and transient population, developing reliable methods for identifying and contacting these ‘ready adults’ (those with prior college credits but no degree) is a crucial first step in drawing this population back to postsecondary education. In WICHE’s recent project, Non-traditional No More: Policy Solutions for Adult Learners (NTNM), six states (Arkansas, Colorado, Nevada, New Jersey, North Dakota, and South Dakota) looked at the different ways to reach these potential students. Despite differing state higher education structures, data systems, and state action plans, several common themes emerged from these efforts. While these promising practices emerged at the state level, the lessons learned can apply to institutions and other organizations as well.

Continued at: http://www.adultcollegecompletion.org/content/dataMining


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