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Serving Non-Traditional Students: The Concierge Will See You Now

From the ACC Network

Policymakers and institutional leaders in Nevada have devised a solution to better serve adult students with significant postsecondary credits as they face the daunting reenrollment process. Borrowing the idea of a concierge from the state’s tourism industry, each public institution has an individual (or an office at the larger institutions) who is trained to help ready adults navigate the application, enrollment, and registration process in the same way that a hotel concierge assists its guests in finding activities or restaurants that suit their needs or interests.

These “ready adult concierges” may not be able to directly solve every issue faced by potential students, but they can help guide them to the appropriate office, work with institutional colleagues to address issues raised by students, and help institutions eliminate unnecessary burdens and obstacles that can prevent these individuals from reenrolling and earning degrees.

Continued at: http://www.adultcollegecompletion.org/content/serving-non-traditional-students-concierge-will-see-you-now-0

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