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New Brief on Adults with Prior Credit

From the Institute for Higher Education Policy

In a new brief, Crossing the Finish Line: A National Effort to Address Near Completion, IHEP lays out a framework through which higher education leaders, federal and state policymakers, institutional administrators, and private sector executives can effectively address near completion as part of the larger call for accomplishing America’s goal to increase the number and diversity of people who complete college. Based on a series of focus groups held across the country, a national summit, and individual interviews with a range of key college completion stakeholders, IHEP’s agenda focuses on dealing with four issues that impede the success of near completers:

1. Recruitment: The process states or institutions undertake to identify and reengage students who might be eligible for a degree or who need a few more credits to graduate;

2. Assessment: Both how institutions determine who is eligible for a degree or needs a few more credits to graduate, and recognize credits and other requirements in order to get potentials over the degree threshold;

3. Affordability: The non-academic financial holds on the records of eligible students and the financial burden of reenrollment and persistence for potential students; and

4. Recognition of Completion: The formal act of awarding a degree, including which institution has the

“Over the past few decades, many individual institutions have attempted to identify former students and bring them back to campus. While many of these efforts have been successful, the work often has been isolated, small in scale, and targeted toward institutional goals, without informing the broader higher education community,” said IHEP President Michelle Asha Cooper, Ph.D. “However, in response to national calls for increased degree attainment, everyone in the higher education community must work together to advance a comprehensive near-completion strategy that adds value to students, institutions, employers, and our country.”

In addition, a highlight video of the National Summit on Near Completion can be found at: http://vimeo.com/31525584 .

Read the report: http://www.ihep.org/assets/files/publications/a-f/(Brief)_Crossing_the_Line-Near_Completion.pdf

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