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Top Ten Workplace Issues for Faculty Members and Higher Education Professionals

By Greta Petry

Keeping track of these issues, both for yourself and for the people you work with, helps the entire office space feel less alienating.

If you are a faculty member, you may think that professors and professionals are like apples and oranges. You may be surprised to hear that the AAUP-affiliated United University Profession is one of the largest academic unions in the nation, with more than 33,000 members across New York State includes a growing number of academic professionals who are not faculty members.

Why should you care about this?

As the events in Madison, Wisconsin, earlier this year revealed, there has never been a more critical time for unionized employees of all kinds to stick together. What do a firefighter, a nurse, a teacher, a state university college professor, and a student affairs employee all have in common? They serve the public.

Professionals at a public college or university range from the talented part-time graphic artist who designs the posters for your research conference to the perennially patient financial-aid staffer who makes sure the students get their loans and grants.

What do they have in common with faculty members?

As grievance chair for the University at Albany chapter of United University Professions for five years and a professional myself, I’ve learned about a number of ways in which faculty and staff workplace issues overlap. Here are the top ten problems that come up routinely for both faculty and staff.

Continued at: http://cgi.stanford.edu/~dept-ctl/cgi-bin/tomprof/postings.php     Enter #1138 at website to access article.

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