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Are Adult Students on Your Campus Really Satisfied

By Julie Bryant

I was interested in the recent blog about new government projections forecasting dramatic growth in college students 25 years of age and older.  While just under 40 percent of college students currently fall in the nontraditional definition of 25 years of age and older, the proportion of students in this category is expected to skew higher as the decade progresses.

These statistics are interesting to note as we review the 2011 National Adult Student Satisfaction and Priorities Report, which reflects that adult students are generally satisfied with their experiences at four-year public and private institutions. As noted in the chart below, 64 percent of adult students are satisfied or very satisfied with their current college experience. This percentage is slightly lower for undergraduate adults and slightly higher for graduate-level adult students. All three categories are higher than the satisfaction percentage we see for traditional students at four-year private (57 percent) and four-year public (54 percent) institutions.

Continued at: http://blog.noellevitz.com/2011/11/16/adult-students-satisfied-but/?utm_source=Strategies12012011%20Ad%20High&utm_campaign=optin&utm_medium=email

Read the report: https://www.noellevitz.com/papers-research-higher-education/2011/2011-national-student-satisfaction-and-priorities-report

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