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A Ten-Year Update on Technology and Education

By Jim Rosso

According to Technology in the Schools: What the Research Says – A 2009 Update, from Cisco and the Metiri group, the global economic crisis has highlighted the important role education can play in achieving economic competitiveness. Schools expect that technology will improve education in general by improving teaching and making education more efficient.

After three decades of technology in the schools, some people are expressing concern about the lack of transformative change that has resulted. As the report states, “The reality is that advocates have over-promised the ability of educators to extract a learning return on technology investments in school. The research studies now suggest that the error was not in citing the potential of technology to augment learning – for research now indicates that the effective use of technology can result in high levels of learning. The error was in underestimating the critical need for the system changes required to use technologies effectively in learning.”

The report looked at over 50 educational software products and evaluated them in terms of classroom effectiveness. It also looked at research that found five miscalculations made by educators in anticipation of what technology could provide schools.

Continued at: http://interactivedlp.com/interactive-learning/ten-year-update-technology-and-education

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