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What SOPA Means For Education, Technology, and the Future of the Internet

Jeff Dunn

There’s a lot of talk about the Stop Online Piracy Act (“SOPA”) right now and for good reason. The future of the Internet depends on the outcome of these discussions. That’s because a controversial pair of bills are making their way through congress and they would definitely affect you. SOPA is essentially an Internet Kill Switch that lets the US Attorney General force an Internet Service Provider to stop all traffic to a particular site within 5 days.

SOPA could be problematic for some educational websites. For example, not all education technology apps and websites have the proper copyright permission for every single image or video they use. If they ever run into trouble that has legal ramifications, SOPA could play a role. While I think that education-oriented websites are not the target of SOPA, it would be a shame if they were caught in the cross-fire.

It would also mean big problems for people looking to start their own education technology company. Young entrepreneurs worry about the bill possibly stunting intellectual and technological advancement in the country.

Continued at: http://edudemic.com/2011/12/sopa-guide/

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