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Understanding the Power of Disillusionment

By Allison Rimm

Keeping up appearances is exhausting. Letting go of the illusion that everything is as you’d once hoped it would be can be liberating, freeing up precious energy that can be focused on more productive pursuits.

Rudi is an information technology project manager who spent the better part of the last decade working for a large consulting firm where he thrived by all external measures. He had a large and growing list of satisfied clients, earned a top salary with regular performance bonuses, and was frequently sought out by the senior partners to use his creativity to win new business. Despite these trappings of success, he was becoming increasingly dissatisfied with his work and came to me for help figuring out what to do about it.

Early in our first conversation, Rudi revealed that he was feeling more and more tired and wasn’t really enjoying his colleagues, whereas he used to get a kick out of the friendly banter around the office. In fact, the many work-related social obligations left him feeling vaguely disconnected from the group.

It didn’t take long to figure out the problem: Rudi was a mission-driven guy working in a profit-driven company.

Continued at: http://becomealeader.org/articles/understanding-power-disillusionment

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