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3 Interventions That Ensure High Team Performance

By Loren Gary

Richard Hackman, a professor of social and organizational psychology at Harvard, is justly famous for his research over the past several decades on what makes teams successful. In the course of that work he has identified six enabling conditions that increase a team’s chances of being highly effective:

•           “creating a real team (rather than a team in name only)”

•           “specifying a compelling direction or purpose for the team”

•           “putting the right number of the right people on the team”

•           “specifying clear norms of conduct for team behavior”

•           “providing a supportive organizational context”

•           “making competent team-focused coaching available to the team.”

Conspicuously absent from this list: activities designed to foster interpersonal harmony among team members. Hackman isn’t opposed to such interpersonal interventions, mind you—in fact, he believes they can have a positive impact on members’ attitudes about their teams—but his research shows that they don’t reliably improve team performance.

Continued at: http://becomealeader.org/articles/3-team-interventions-ensure-high-performance

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