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Social Media: From Tactics to Strategy

By Amit Mrig

In the corporate sector and in higher education, organizations that have succeeded in using social technologies to move the needle on their strategic goals have done so by using these tools to enhance what they already do best – rather than treating social media as an entirely new effort.

To make effective use of social media, you don’t need a new “social media strategy”; you just need to identify how these new tools can enhance your existing strategy. Can Facebook help you extend the reach of your current recruiting efforts? Can Twitter help you boost student engagement in large lecture halls? Social media represents an expansion of your tool kit for addressing perennial challenges.

Colleges and universities that have seen success with social media have also resisted the urge to centralize or restrict these new channels; they have instead focused on empowering users through centralized support and education. This has allowed them to both limit risk to the institution and maximize the potential good.

Continued at: http://www.academicimpressions.com/news/social-media-tactics-strategy?qq=10765k401869aS

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