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More Action, Not Just Talk, on Internationalization

By John K. Hudzik

Higher-education internationalization is a hot topic. In the past year a robust discussion about the issues and challenges surrounding the international efforts of higher education has developed. I contributed an essay to these discussions titled, “Comprehensive Internationalization: From Concept to Action,” and have spoken about internationalization over the last eight months at conferences across five continents. With insightful commentaries by other academics, including Uwe Brandenburg, Jane Knight, Elspeth Jones, Francisco Marmolejo, and Hans de Wit, thinking about internationalization has been enriched.

All this is well and good. Ideas need to guide action, but as the new year begins, I hope we see more work by higher education to truly go global. With that in mind, I wanted to layout some observations arising in part from my recent travels and conversations and to outline key elements for how universities can move forward.

Continued at: http://chronicle.com/blogs/worldwise/more-action-not-just-talk-on-higher-education-internationalization/29068

Read the paper: http://www.nafsa.org/resourcelibrary/Default.aspx?id=24045

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