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(Not) Using Data for Decisions

By Kenneth C. Green

Today’s edition of Inside Higher Ed presents the results of a national survey of provosts and chief academic officers (CAOs). I’m pleased to report that The Campus Computing Project worked with the editors of Inside Higher Ed on this survey. Some 1100 (ok -1081!) CAOs across all sectors of American higher education participated in this December 2011 survey.

The CAO survey follows previous Inside Higher Ed surveys of presidents, chief financial officers, and chief admissions officers.  Some of these surveys used common questions, allowing us to compare the data on key issues as seen from various seats at the cabinet table.

One of the more interesting findings across the surveys of presidents, provosts, and CFOs is how these institutional leaders assess their campuses on using data to aid and inform planning and decision-making. Alas, the news is not good.  As shown below, less than two-fifths of the presidents, provosts, and CFOs surveyed by Inside Higher Ed this past year report that their institution does a “very effective” job of “using data to aid and inform campus decision-making.”

Continued at: http://www.insidehighered.com/blogs/not-using-data-decisions

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