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How can you turn college student satisfaction data into action planning?

By Julie Bryant

The 2011 Student Retention Practices and Strategies Report indicates that while a large percentage of four-year public, four-year private, and two-year institutions are using satisfaction assessments to make changes to minimize attrition, a smaller percentage of these institutions feel that they are effective with actively using the data.

The struggle to effectively utilize the data on campuses is not uncommon. I have worked with institutions that are very diligent about surveying annually or every other year but do not use their assessment data as effectively as they would like. Furthermore, we have found that satisfaction actually may go down if you keep asking how satisfied students are but do nothing to respond to their feedback. “Data on the shelf” (or on your computer) have no power. The power comes when you use data to make improvements.

Continued at: http://blog.noellevitz.com/2012/02/15/turn-college-student-satisfaction-data-action-planning/?utm_source=Strategies02232012&utm_campaign=optin&utm_medium=email

Read the Report: https://www.noellevitz.com/papers-research-higher-education/2011/2011-student-retention-practices-report

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