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Completion at What Price?

By Paul Fain

Technology and cost-cutting won’t fix the capacity crisis at community colleges, which is freezing out hundreds of thousands of students, warned the first report from a new faculty think tank.

The research center is affiliated with the Campaign for the Future of Higher Education, a national group of faculty leaders, which was formed last year with the support of unions, faculty senates and the Association of American Colleges and Universities. The center will attempt to inject a stronger voice from the professorate into the national debate over higher education, particularly around the campaign’s seven founding principles.

With its debut report, released today, the center takes on the “completion agenda” and its heavy emphasis on workforce development, a fixation that the report said threatens academic quality and student access, as well as social mobility.

Read more: http://www.insidehighered.com/news/2012/04/02/new-faculty-group-takes-workforce-focus-community-colleges#ixzz1qtn1vExM

Read the report: http://futureofhighered.org/uploads/ClosingTheDoorFINAL_ALL32812.pdf

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