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Content Strategy, Part 3: Digging into the Fundamentals

By Rick Wilson

I ended the previous article in this series (Naked Truths and Fundamentals) with Fundamental Three on analysis and audits.

I want to step back and add a few additional words on audits. Content represents tangible things – assets in many formats and forms. Content has identity. It has a name, key-word associations, tags, and other structure; and these characteristics make content useful. The strategy is about content value. Content represents ideas, concepts, advice, insight, direction, understanding, and much more. We say it is the knowledge of our business. How important is that?

Content resides in various places, often called repositories – some more useful than others. So, this Fundamental Three of accurate and reliable inventories and audits is crucial (and essential) in the fight for purposeful content and for an ability to understand what it is, and what it can do. Conducting an inventory has significant value, although it is also prone to errors and inconsistencies. My personal interest and quest are for better ways to conduct the analysis and audit activities. I’d like a tool to expedite and improve the quality and sophistication of content inventory development and auditing.

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