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Should Online Courses Charge Less? It Doesn’t Just Happen

By Russ Poulin

I was recently invited to address the Indiana Commission for Higher Education on this issue.  They had received several proposals for distance programs in recent months.  Each one was pricing its courses at a rate higher than its on-campus counterpart.   The Commissioners asked, “If technology is bringing down costs in other industries, why isn’t that true in online education?”

Not surprisingly, this issue has been raised in the past in both Inside Higher Ed and the Chronicle of Higher Education.  Just this week there was a CNBC guest blog and a Fox News Business article on related issues.  I’m sure that this discussion has been held on campuses everywhere.  I’ll tell you what I said.

Are Students Charged More?  Let’s Look at the Stats.

We will soon release the results of the Managing Online Education Survey that we recently conducted in partnership with the Campus Computing Project.  As background on current practice, here’s an advance look at the responses to a few questions related to this topic.  There were 199 respondents to the survey representing all types of institutions and from throughout the country.

Continued at: http://wcetblog.wordpress.com/2012/03/22/should-online-courses-charge-less/

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