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Top 10 Strategies for Preparing the Annual Tenure and Promotion Dossier

By Joy J. Burnham, Ph.D., Lisa M. Hooper, Ph.D. and Vivian H. Wright, Ph.D. in Faculty Evaluation

Assembling the annual tenure and promotion dossier to best represent one’s teaching, research, and service can be overwhelming and anxiety-ridden for some junior faculty. Yet, prior to earning tenure, junior faculty in colleges and universities across the country spend untold hours preparing the annual dossier to present and illustrate accomplishments and productivity across teaching, research, and service.

From our discussions with colleagues in various disciplines and at different institutions of higher education across the country, we learned that few faculty have navigated the dossier process with ease or without some angst. Many faculty members commonly report on the lack of precise directions about the preparation and documentation process, and, further often find the dossier process ambiguous and overwhelming. For those who look to the literature for direction, few books and articles exist; and even fewer books and articles direct junior faculty toward specific annual dossier preparation, even though this is a critical step toward earning tenure.

Visit: http://www.facultyfocus.com/articles/faculty-evaluation/top-10-strategies-for-preparing-the-annual-tenure-and-promotion-dossier/?utm_source=cheetah&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2012.04.25%20-%20Faculty%20Focus%20Update#continued

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