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Common Sense on Completion

By Paul Fain

One way to boost graduation rates is to issue degrees to students who’ve already earned them, which often doesn’t happen with associate degrees.

Roughly half of students who earn a bachelor’s degree after transferring to a four-year institution from a community college fail to receive an associate degree, said Janet Marling, director of the National Institute for the Study of Transfer Students at the University of North Texas, citing data from the College Board. And 80 percent fail to in California.

This isn’t necessarily a problem for students who get a diploma from a four-year college. But transfer students are often left holding no credential if they drop out, even after earning more than 60 credits, sometimes many more.

In addition, many students transfer away from community colleges before earning an associate degree, and count as failures toward institutional graduation rates. Indeed, a student who leaves after two semesters to drop out looks the same as one who transferred to a top university.

Visit: http://www.insidehighered.com/news/2012/05/23/statewide-reverse-transfer-catches-could-boost-graduation-rates#ixzz1viJt6R00

Read More about the Lumina Grant: http://www.luminafoundation.org/grants/credit_when_due.html

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