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Managerial Madness: Why Higher Education Has Lost Its Way

From Junct Rebellion

While Chris LaBree and I were on the first leg of our Homeless Adjunct road tour, the updated list of university president salaries was released from The Chronicle of Higher Education. Here we were, traveling the area often called “The Rust Belt”, where the dedicated and determined educators we met were representative of the nation’s majority of college faculty. By that, I mean that they were all part-time, low-wage, struggling people; every one of them had several jobs in order to make ends meet. They were working retail at a mall, or traveling to fairs and conferences to sell art and jewelry, or working office jobs. Some of them were juggling teaching jobs at several universities, and still hoping to pick up more work. All of them worried about keeping a roof over their head.

These were the people in the classrooms, devoted to their students, teaching because they saw it as a calling, as a crucial act necessary in protecting the best of our society’s values. Thanks to Josh Boldt’s crowd-sourced information about adjunct salaries and working conditions (http://adjunctproject.com/us/), to information compiled by The New Faculty Majority, and the Modern Language Association’s adjunct faculty report (http://www.mla.org/resources/acad_work_search), it is clear that America’s university professors are suffering precarious employment situations, living along the edge of poverty, all the while struggling to continue teaching our country’s college students.

Visit: http://junctrebellion.wordpress.com/2012/06/05/managerial-madness-why-higher-education-has-lost-its-way/

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