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2012 Factors to Enroll Report

From Noel-Levitz

Why do college students choose the campuses where they enroll?

This report, Why Did They Enroll? The Factors Influencing College Choice, examines data from 55,000 current college students, revealing the main factors that influenced their enrollment decisions. The report includes:

– Rankings for nine enrollment factors, with cost, financial aid, and academic reputation being the most important across all institution types.

– Comparisons between first-year students and upperclass students.

– Results by institution type, including four-year public, four-year private, two-year public, and career schools.

– Comparisons between students attending their first-choice institution and those attending their second- or third-choice institution.

Download the Report: https://www.noellevitz.com/papers-research-higher-education/2012/2012-factors-to-enroll-report

  1. Karl J. Kinkead, PhD
    July 2, 2012 at 1:40 am

    As a professor in a southern U.S. college, I wonder how many recent graduates from high school choose a traditional 2- or 4-year college based on factors such as: 1) the school is close to home, 2) it’s where close friends are attending, or 3) where a parent or parents went. In the south, where I live and teach, many students go to the colleges their parents attended. It is unheard of for an “Auburn family” living in Alabama to go to the University of Alabama. Likewise, if friends or siblings are attending XYZ college, how much pressure is there for the second or third sibling to attend where big brother or big sister can keep an eye on the junior family member. What a great area for a quantitative survey to see if there are statistically significant differences in why freshman attend a college in various areas of the U.S.

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