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Converge Special Report The Textbook Reformation & Digital Content

From Converge

If the Encyclopedia Britannica can go digital, anything can. Right? This sure seems to be the case in education; the headlines are hard to miss: “The end of textbooks?” Or, “In some classrooms, books are a things of the past.” But is it really that easy? As the textbook reformation sweeps the nation, K-20 education needs to brace itself for a big change. It’s not as simple as just replacing traditional textbooks with online versions. Several hurdles from outdated legislation and procurement policies to technology concerns and professional development stand in the way. And students’ success hinges on campuses getting it right.

This Converge Special Report on the Textbook Reformation and Digital Content examines this educational transformation in all its facets: from curriculum acquisition to best practices for a successful transition to key governmental policy measures. We’ll tell you about technology concerns, professional development tips, managing plagiarism and copyright, and much more. Along the way, we’ll introduce you to many schools and universities adopting digital technology in different ways, sharing their stories of the ways in which this digital movement is changing education and promises to reshape it even further in the future.

Visit: http://www.convergemag.com/reports/q2-2012/Converge-2012-Q2-Special-Report-The-Textbook-Reformation–Digital-Content.html

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