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The Degree: A Standard or An Asset?

By Burck Smith

With the rise of free and low-cost non-accredited online course providers, college and university officials will be tempted to favor their own online courses over less costly ones offered by others….

Colleges and universities have a private-sector business model combined with a public-sector mandate. As competition from low-cost and even free online courses proliferates, the tension between many schools’ private interests and their public mandate will become more and more pronounced.

This may be tricky to explain, but let’s start by thinking about graduation ceremonies. The long robes, silly hats, multi-colored sashes, and the solemnity of the occasion create a sense of continuity, extending all the way back to the Middle Ages.  In this model, where one group welcomes a new member, the granting of a credential is a “private” asset.

Visit: http://ceo.straighterline.com/2012/06/21/a-standard-or-an-asset/

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