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A Brief Guide to Tech Training for Faculty

By Jennifer Funk

Educators deal with a reality that most tech users do not: responsibility to their students. And, students can be a tricky sort, at least according to reports claiming that some want more tech use in the classroom, while others say that they prefer traditional books and lectures.

Regardless, do we really need another report speculating whether or not technology is a game changer?  Look around (as in, actually look up from the computer or mobile device you’re reading this on) and count the number of people using laptops, smartphones, iPads, Kindles and MP3 players.

Despite tech’s ubiquity, it’s one thing to teach yourself to use Skype, Twitter, or Hot Tech Tool #1,396, but another thing to rethink your curriculum, choose an appropriate technology, teach yourself to use it, revamp your curriculum, roll it out to critical learners, and tweak and re-tweak ad nauseam.

Visit: http://edcetera.rafter.com/a-brief-guide-to-tech-training-for-faculty/

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