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Online Learning Faculty Reveal Top 5 Annoying Online Student Complaints

By Debbie Morrison

Students have much to say about what they like and don’t like about online learning faculty: “[I] had to wait too long for assignments to be graded!” “[The instructor] took two days to respond to my email,” or a common one, “the assignment instructions weren’t clear.”

Sound familiar?

But what about online faculty? Surely, there is another side to this story. What complaints do instructors have about online student behavior?

Now, I don’t mean to suggest that faculty complain about their students as individuals, or that they dislike teaching online — actually quite the opposite is true. Online instructors care about their students’ learning; they want them to succeed. The things online faculty “wish” their students would do are the very habits that would make them, well… better students.

I work closely with online faculty, and as on online student myself, I’ve heard complaints from both camps. Online instructors’ gripes about students can usually be very easily solved by only a minimal effort on the student’s part, making both the instructor’s and student’s lives easier.

The following recommendations from online instructors have the potential to make everyone a more effective online student and improve the distance learning experience for students and faculty alike.

Visit: http://www.geteducated.com/elearning-education-blog/online-learning-faculty-reveal-top-5-annoying-online-student-complaints/

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